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Thursday, October 09, 2003

so i know it's been slow going in the way of posting, but it's because some things have been happening.

a) i've registered with another agency. this one seems more focussed on commercials, and unlike the first one, hasn't sent me out yet, but the agent i interviewed with seemed very positive, and impressed with my new york-ness, so there's a start. as for the other agency, i keep on auditioning for voice-overs and commercials. something will surely hit. soon.

b) i've already turned down a gig. a staged reading, because i knew it would interfere with my work schedule (yes, a work schedule), but an offer, just the same. and from my resume... never even met me. i mailed them my resume, and they offered me a role in a reading. not too shabby. i was sad to turn it down, because it was free shakespeare. but what can you do. i hope they'll keep me on file, and we'll just have to see.

c) i already had my first acting gig. a staged reading. when i went to the steppenwolf opening of topdog underdog, a play i figured to hate, but actually liked, i met a playwright, and gave her my card, and she called me to do a reading. yes it was stage directions, but it was a start, and a relationship is being forged, which is good. plus it was at a theatre helmed by a guy i had contact with in new york, and now he's here, and anyway it was a chance to finally meet him which is something i've been trying to do for a while.

d) yes, i finally got a money job. two, actually. one is doing your standard cater-waitering. the other isd for a fancy corporate steakhouse where the workload is low and the tips are high. but i have to study all the rules and regulations and train for nine, count 'em, nine days. but apparently it's worth it, because they say the money is pretty sick. and this catering gig has been fun, too, because they've gotten some cool jobs... last weekend, i catered the skybox of the northwestern/minnesota football game, and on tuesday, i catered the vip tent of the sting concert. fun.

so things are beginning. i still haven't had time to do a big mailing, which now that i have a routine might be easier to get done. i don't do well without routine, and anyway, now that i'm feeling a little better about my life, i'll be more motivated.

that's the news from over here.

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