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Tuesday, November 25, 2003
ok... so the mild depression continues, due mainly to the truly outrageous nature of the restaurant in which i work, but some new developments on the acting front:

a) on friday i auditioned for a commercial as a civilian rec specialist for the us armed forces. whatever.
b) i've been going to every equity open call for which i could possibly be considered.
c) the goodman called me yesterday to bring me in to audition for heartbreak house. the audition is next monday.

anyhow, things are starting to pick up on the theatrical side, and i'm not feeling quite so shillish, always trying to hawk some wares. and shaw. nice. it seems like some kind of avant gardey director, so who knows? she wants an american dialect, and for us to sing a non-musical theatre/non-opera song a capella, and to be prepared to move. for an audition for a play by bernard shaw. i don't know why i automatically relegate shaw to the museum, as i am so opposed to such thinking in re: shakespeare and the greeks, but somehow, when i first heard these instructions, i balked. in fact, i should rejoice. it's right up my alley, it is, and i have a good feeling about it. my first audition in chicago was a general for the goodman, and on the strength of that, they called me in for this.

so. that's the haps, here. on thursday we travel down to hyde park to eat with friends. on friday, i resume my place in hell at rocky stream legendary steaks. ahh, the life of an actor.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

so the whole nature of this blog has pretty much disintegrated, because i'm not posting anywhere near regularly, and it's because i'm having my soul sucked out of my eyesockets at rocky stream legendary steaks. (name changed to protect the innocent, namely me.)

this place is bad from the word go, and when i said that thing before about the money being sick? it was a lie. a lie i was told. maybe not. if by sick, they meant anemic, then that's right, because the money is baaaaad. not michael jackson in the 80s bad, michael jackson now bad.

so i'm back to worrying about money. hooray. and we all know how easy that makes pursuing a ridiculous career.

so yes i'm a little depressed, and i look to you my little blogeroos for a pick-me-up.

in the news, i've had a couple of good auditions at open calls, though no fruit, yet. and i've had this idea to start pursuing directing work seriously out here.

so here is what i've got:

i need a money job that pays well, with little to no responsibility, low stress, few hours. don't tell me it doesn't exist. for a few brief shining moments, i had this job, in new york, working for a dotcom. yes it went under, but that's not the point. brainstorm, people.

i need connections to real money to start a goddamn theatre company. because pinky, rightfully does not support my personal theatre co aspirations without many thousands of dollars, which i don't have, and if i want to stop worrying about being hired by others, i need to do it myself, but i need capital.

i need some kind words. because i spent today driving in the rain to target, 3 restaurants, the library, and an audition, and found myself so incredibly depressed by the time it was over that i actually had to say "i need to be alone for a while."

"That rarest of chances"

finding work. stat.

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