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Monday, January 05, 2004
interestingly enough, it's a new year.

not unlike a certain austinite, i am particularly glad to watch 03 go. i have been learning how to accept the fact that all the work i am doing will pay off in the long run. that now is about hard work. that later is about reaping the benefits. i am learning this.

i had a meeting with the associate artistic director of steppenwolf the other day. he gave me some contacts for directing here in the city. we shall see.

i continue to audition well for projects in which i am not being cast.

our social life gets richer. we actually spent the whole of new years day visiting with friends. who live here. some new friends some old. but all local. the new friends include radio personalities and a comic book creator. that was a fun brunch. let me tell you.

so the outlook for 04 is partly cloudy, giving way to sun.


"That rarest of chances"

finding work. stat.

comics: the new black.

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