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Monday, July 05, 2004
yes, that's right, i'm posting.

(that sound you hear is the collective gasp of hundreds of readers around the world. ok, four readers around the world.)

some of you know the news -- in september i will be travelling to milwaukee in the great state of wisconsin to play antipholus of syracuse in the milwaukee shakespeare production of comedy of errors. the exciting part of this news is that i booked this (and another gig with them in the spring) within one year of moving to chicago. hurrah.

i'm really looking forward to milwaukee for a couple of reasons --
a) i've never worked on comedy before.
b) it'll be good to have the change of pace.
c) i'll be paid a decent living wage.
d) friends and family will be able to see my non-new york debut.
e) it's actually a great oppurtunity to get in on the ground floor with this company.

i can't quite put my finger on why i haven't been writing. i've somehow lost the drive, i think. i know part of it comes from not being forced to sit in front of a computer every day with nothing to do but surf and write and stuff like that. i'm sure i would be writing and commenting a lot more, as well as posting on my favorite message board haunts, but now that i my time is much more my own, i'm less inclined. but i've been wanting somehow to communicate this, and so here i am, communicating it.

hope all is well with you, my bloggeroos.


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